Application of Theory in Practice

Week 11 Discussion AssignmentApplication of Theory in Practice
Instructions: Please read chapters 19 and 20 and view the PowerPoints. 
Situation:You have an elderly (75-year-old) obese, hypertensive (160/102), type 2 diabetic with peripheral vascular disease (PVD). Upon physical examination, you auscultate bilateral rhonchi in the lower lobes. In addition, the client is recovering from a right cerebral vascular accident (RCVA) and has a stage 3 pressure ulcer. The client is on turning schedule every two hours. Answer the following:1. Provide two nursing care interventions with rationales (identify why it is important to utilize the particular nursing actions you have chosen).
2. Relate the nursing care to a nursing theory/model that could support the identified nursing practice intervention/actions. Remember that grand, middle range, and practice theories began with an idea or concept.3. Make a prediction of the effect of the nursing actions on the client’s outcome. Think about the benefits of evidence-based practice for you answers.
APA/Grammar Format: I do not expect a title page, but provide a reference page if you use information from any source.