Write a 250 to 500-word response comparing Adaptive Design Methods and the difference between a form language and a pattern/anti-pattern language. Then, describe how they are used together and why we need contemporary, non-traditional form languages to represent the culture(s) of today. Include 1 image to represent a form language, 1 image to represent a pattern language, and 1 to represent them being used together.
Essentially, write 5 paragraphs…
P1: Introduction to Adaptive Design Methods (what are you writing about?)P2: What is a pattern/anti-pattern language (with labeled picture)?P3: What is a form language (with labeled picture)?P4: How are pattern/anti-pattern and form language used together (with labeled picture)?P5: Why do we need new form languages to represent culture?
Create a list of 10-20 words and definitions related to pattern and form language.
and here are the sourses :
PART 1: Pattern vs Form Language (Links to an external site.)
PART 2: The Adaptive Design Method (Links to an external site.)
PART 3: Why Primitive Design Languages Spread