Argument of a Definition

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Essay 1 Guidelines
Argument of a Definition Assignment (3-4 pages, MLA style, minimum of 3 sources)


Option 1:

Write an argument of definition about a term such as military combatants or illegal alien that has suddenly become culturally significant or recently changed in some important way. Either defend the way the term has come to be defined or raise questions about its appropriateness, offensiveness, inaccuracy, and so on. Consider words or expressions such as terrorism, marriage equality, racist, assisted suicide, enhanced interrogation, tea partier, collateral damage, forcible rape, net neutrality, etc.


Option 2:

Write an essay in which you compare or contrast the meaning of two related terms, explaining the differences between them by using one or more methods of definition: formal definition, operational definition, definition by example. Be clever in your choice of the initial terms: look for a pairing in which the differences might not be immediately apparent to people unfamiliar with how the terms are used in specific communities. Consider terms such as liberal/progressive, classy/cool, lead soprano/prima donna, student athlete/jock, highbrow/intellectual, and so on.


Sources must include at least one dictionary source and one database source. The other sources are your choice as long as they are reputable sources.

Make sure you’re formatting your essay in MLA Style and that you include a Works Cited page

You will end up with an essay of at least three full pages (not counting the Works Cited page) and at least three sources meeting the criteria above. These are minimum requirements. Not meeting these minimum requirements will result in a grade no higher than 50%.