Argumentative Essay about successfully the colonies were

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence.  Jefferson stated that governments were created to secure natural rights including life and liberty. He also accused King George III (in the words from our textbook) of attempting to destroy representative government and of oppressing Americans through the use of excessive force. 
Consider the period from 1763 to 1840.  How successful were the colonies/states/nation in achieving progress toward securing natural rights including life and liberty for all Americans and to what degree did they achieve their goals in the following three areas?  
1) To assure natural rights to life and liberty
2) Establish representative governments
3) Prevent oppression from the use of excessive force

Also use four terms from this list :

–the establishment of an absolute tyranny
– all men are created equal
-Continental Army
-Articles of Confederation
Article 1, Section 8 (of the Constitution of 1787)
-Whiskey Rebellion
-Alien & Sedition Acts
– Louisiana Purchase
-cotton gin
–War of 1812
-Venerate the Plough
–Lowell Mills
-Erie Canal
– Across the Continent

–Trail of Tears