art game

In at least 1200 words, analyze an “artistic moment” (so-called or genuine) in a game. Remember the specific definition of what makes a game artistic from the class lessons. Support your analysis with evidence from the game design – its mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics, meaningful decision making, puzzles, narrative structure, use of skill, chance, etc.
If you wish, you may then connect the one moment to other moments in the game (or sequels, etc) to determine whether the game is consistently artistic.
Watch out for a couple of common mistakes:
1. Remember that this is a formal essay. Proofread your work for clarity, sentence structure, spelling, and organization before submitting it online.
2. Avoid summary of the game’s mechanics, history, or presentation that don’t complement your investigation of its art (or lack of art).
This assignment is mainly to choose a game, and then describe how a picture in this game is combined with art.