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Research Articles Critiques (2) (12 pts. Each= 24 pts. Total)
     Each Candidate will select two articles relevant to this course and write a one-page critique for each article using the American Psychological Association (APA) format. (IRA Standards 1 to 5; MSLAF #1; #2; #3 and #4, REF #1, #2, & #5)
The following journals are good possible sources (not a complete list) for journal articles that are relevant to the field of reading research:
The Reading Teacher
Reading Improvement
Reading Research and Instruction
Research in the Teaching of English
Reading Research Quarterly
Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
Use the following as a guide to complete your Article Critiques:
RE506: Introduction to the Teaching of Reading
Article Critique
     Name: ____________________________________
     Article Reference Information (APA Format)
     (Maximum of 4 lines)
     Article Summary:
     (Minimum of 1 page)
     Personal Reaction (including information regarding how the instruction in your article relates to one or more of the early theories/ models in Chapter 2):
     (Minimum of 1/2 page)