Artifacts and Theme Selection

Choose two cultural artifacts to analyze. These artifacts may take the form of any artistic medium, such as literature, poetry, music, film, dance,painting, and sculpture, and so on. However, it is important to choose two artifacts that have been created by different artists and were created during differenttime periods (ex. separated by at least 50 years). Then, identify an initial theme (or themes) that is common to both of your chosen artifacts. You will analyzethese artifacts and their expression of the identified theme in Theme: Examining the Humanities and Theme: Impact of the Humanities. 

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

I.    Describe the cultural artifacts that you have chosen. Consider questions such as these in your response: What is the name or title of the artifact? Who isthe author or artist? What is the date or time period when the artifact was created? What is the cultural location or physical setting of the artifact? Inaddition, you could consider including a photograph or image of each cultural artifact, if they are visual artifacts. 

II.    Identify at least one common theme that will serve as the framework of your exploration document. How is the theme expressed in your artifacts? 

III.    Reflect on how the theme you identified is related to your personal experience. For instance, you could discuss how the expression of the theme in yourcultural artifacts is connected to you personally.