ARTWORK PAPER *The paper should be at least 5 pages* Artwork: Instruction: MUSEUM/FORMAL ANALYSIS PAPER For your term paper, I wou

ARTWORK PAPER *The paper should be at least 5 pages*




For your term paper, I would like you to visit an art museum, gallery, or other places that showcase art

in Washington D.C. Metro Area. Due to covid, please know that you can also visit virtual

exhibits/museums (safety first).

You must find ONE piece of artwork from any time period that catches your attention. You may choose a

painting, sculpture, architecture, photograph, print, mixed-media, mural, street art, and other forms of

art and crafts (if you are unsure about the piece, speak with me first).

1) Select a work of art

2) Include the piece’s title, artist, date, and museum location. Please analyze your piece by

discussing ALL of the following elements:

a. Consider the characteristics that you see and how it comes from a specific time period.

b. Give a detailed description of the piece: What are the lines? Shapes? 2D/3D?

c. Describe the size and placement of objects/figures.

d. Describe the use of color, and explain how those colors create mood/tone.

e. Talk about the texture? Does it create mood? Or does it mimic reality?

3) Include the content of the artwork

a. Explain the type of subject matter and genres—is it about a biblical narrative,

allegorical, history, still life, etc. What time period is it from?

b. Explain any symbols (people, objects, colors, placement can be symbolic).

4) What is the historical or cultural significance?

a. Does your piece convey a social, religious, or political message?

b. Define the purpose of objects/figures.

c. Bonus/Extra Credit: Talk about what other artist/art historians have said about this

piece and do you agree with them?

5) Talk about your opinions on the piece. Why did you pick this artwork and what does it mean to

you? Why do you think this piece is important to society?

6) Have fun with this paper. Even think outside of the box!

Make sure you have an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction should state your thesis. Your

body paragraphs should include your formal analysis, content, and cultural context. Then your paper

should end with a conclusion. Your conclusion should state how you felt about you’re the artwork and

even the museum visit/experience.

This paper should be written in your own words. MAKE SURE YOU CITE YOUR SOURCES AND QUOTE YOUR SOURCES. Your paper should NOT have only quotes from textbooks, books, articles, and other websites. Use MLA or CHICAGO STYLE format (If you want to learn how to cite your sources, talk to me after class). Plagiarism on this paper will give you an automatic zero.

The paper should be at least 5 pages (no more than 10 pages) and you must have a works cited page at the very end. This assignment constitutes 25% of your final grade. It’s essential to double-check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation