Asmt 4-Order now from

Asmt 4-Order now from
You work for an infant/child development center and you have been asked to prepare a power point presentation for new parents, which would address the following:

A review of current research on brain development in infancy and childhood, with a focus on the importance of appropriate stimulation during the first six years of life (3 points)
At least three ways of supporting infants or childrens early brain development, with a focus on the consequences of either under or over-stimulating babies and children (3 points)
A list and description of the developmental milestones of early fine and gross motor development in infants, toddlers and young children. Please note that simply including a table that contains these milestones is not enough. You are also not allowed to simply copy and paste a table, from our textbook (3 points)
A list (and clear description) of possible red flags, for cerebral palsy (3 points)

Your power point presentation should include at least one video (Youtube, Vimeo…), that discusses one of the above-mentioned topics (1 points). Please do not embed the video(s) into your slides as that sometimes makes it difficult for me to view it/them. Should this happen, there will be a delay in submitting your grade. So instead, please just provide a link to it/them
The power point document needs to be submitted as a PDF document 
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