Assessment III: Program/project evaluation

26Jan 2022 by

III. In Assignment III, you are asked to provide a proposed evaluation following the guideline in the Designing Education Projects document pages 43-56. In doing so, please include and follow these steps as listed on page 46 (You will notice that we stop at step 9 for this phase of the assignment. You will go into detail in addressing step 10-14 in the data collection phase of the assignment):
Step 1. Reexamine the issue, audience, and project objectives
Step 2. Describe how you would establish the planning team (including stakeholders, audience, and evaluators)
Step 3. Identify a purpose for the evaluation
Step 4. Focus on project improvement
Step 5. Describe how you would assess project outcomes and impacts
Step 6. Clarify the time frame in which the activities and impacts (outcomes) are expected to occur
Step 7. Perform a literature search
Step 8. Select data collection methods and develop questions based on the evaluation goals and objectives
Step 9. Determine the audience sample
The estimated page range for this 6-8 double spaced pages. Please keep in mind, however, you will not be penalized for going over 8 pages, as long as it is “within reason” nor will be penalized if you are short of 6 pages as long as this is also “within reason” and you can adequately address these steps along with guidelines and questions provided for guidance with this assignment.