Assessment IV: Data collection video/audio

26Jan 2022 by

IV. In Assignment IV you will be describing how you will collect data related to the project by following the guidelines in the Designing Education Projects on pages 57-84. After reviewing over possible data collection instruments, you will select an instrument (noting strengths and limitations of the data collection instrument) and follow these steps as listed on page 46 (note this is a continuation of the steps from the project evaluation phase):
Step 10. Design and pilot the data collection instrument
Step 11. Gather and record data
Step 12. Perform data analysis
Step 13. Manage data
Step 14. Synthesize information and create a report
For this phase of the assignment, you will film or record a short 3-5 minute audio or video on your data collection plan. You will then send to your partner where your partner will provide a critique and feedback. Your partner will be the same as for your discussion board assignments. You will then translate your audio or video recording from part IV into written form for your final assignment (see below). You will also send this video to me where I will also provide you with feedback. Taking the feedback and comments from both your partner and the instructor into account, you will then devise a written portion as part of the final project (HAT).