Assessment plan reflection

Developa one- page reflection that critically analyzes your 5 informal assessments byproviding overall strengths and needs of the assessment plan developed. Youwill also demonstrate how the assessments are aligned to the individual needsof the student, describe how you plan to monitor and record the studentsprogress toward learning goals using various assessment methods, and how youwill incorporate technology to develop, implement, and/or analyze thisassessment for student learning.  

Arkansas State University 
MSE Special Education K12  
ELSE 5043 Assessment Case Study Project  
Informal Assessment Plan  
Student:  KonnerShelton________ Age:    14. 5       Grade:_8th_ Exceptionality: Autism_

Assessment Domain

Learning Goal

Skills to Assess

Method of Assessment

Assessment Results


 Konner will see a picture of an object and correctly label it in 3/4 trials by the end of the case study.

Object identification/matching using picture cards
Label nouns activity on Khan Academy Kids

Data collection from website
tally sheet
Work sample



Konner will imitate animal yoga poses as a part of exercises by completing 3 actions, 3/4 sessions by the end of the case study.

Yoga instructor led class
Video for him to follow and imitate poses

Data collection: tally sheet
Imitation worksheet/checklist



Using his AAC device, Konner will answer questions 3/4 times accuracy by the end of the case study.

Initiate conversation with him and prompt him to answer using his device
Listen to a read aloud story on Epic and have him to complete the quiz at the end.

Pre/post assessment Data collection: tally sheet


Adaptive Behavior  

Konner will accept No and refrain from using aggressive behaviors (hitting, kicking, scratching) 50% of the time by the end of the case study.

Create real life scenarios that gives me the opportunity to say no and wait on his response/reaction.
Practice acceptable responses to no using flash cards that shows good/poor choices. Allow him the opportunity to tell what the choices are.

Data collection: tally sheet


Social Emotional  

Konner will work cooperatively with his peers in group activity 3/4 times by the end of case study.

Put Konner in a small group during rotation and document how he interacts with his peers.
During group activity, allow Konner to choose what peers he would like to work with on a group project and document his participation.
During center times, allow Konner to engage in play with his peers.

Data collection: tally sheet
Checklist- document what behaviors occurred, how often, triggers, etc.