Assignment 04.1: Macroeconomics and the Firm

23Jan 2022 by

Directions: How does the macroeconomy affect individual firms? The U.S.’s most recent recession and recovery provide an opportunity to probe this relationship. In a 500 to 750 word APA style paper, discuss the relationship you see between the macroeconomy and two representative firms within the same industry during the 2008 recession and subsequent recovery.
In your paper, you must answer these questions:

How does the performance of each firm during the recession compare to the performance of other firms within the industry?
How do the firms’ performances compare to one another? Why do you think this is?
Why might some firms be impacted in different ways even if they are in the same industry? For example, fast-food restaurants and upscale restaurants typically serve a different clientele. How does this difference account for the performance of each sector during the recession? You should aim to answer questions like this one–but in reference to the industry, you’re examining–in your paper.
Based on your case study of these two firms, what conclusions can you draw about the relationship between the macroeconomy and the performance of individual firms?

Support your in-paper comparisons of firms’ performances during the recession and recovery with at least 3 separate  references