Assignment #1: TRANSLATION

23Jan 2022 by

You are demonstrating that you understand the main argument of the text and you are able to re-stage all or parts of it or illustrate its meanings. As with any act of translation, fidelity to the original meaning of the text across its conversion is of paramount importance [i.e. pay attention to what gets lost or added]. You may to ask yourself: Who am I translating for? How does my understanding of my audience determine the quality of the translation? You may, of course, use quotes from your chosen source article but be sure to contextualize and integrate those quotes so that a viewer can understand them. If you don’t wish to work in video, or if you are not comfortable with video post-production processes, you may create blog, a sound piece, a series of images accompanied with text. As a guideline: videos should be between 3-5 min in length; papers between 3-4 pages; other media will be measured in equivalency). Although this is a ‘creative’ assignment, we are approaching it as a piece of engaged scholarship, so make sure that it engages centrally and substantially with a concept from one of these readings. Be sure to cite the essay in some place (in the credit sequence or in the prose of your text) so that there is no ambiguity about which essay you are working it.