Assignment #2 drug and Crime


Why is distinguishing between drug use and drug abuse problems?

What are the three broad categories of substances that affect the CNS?

What are synthetic drugs?

What is the most common substance use disorder in the United States? 

What is the most widely used psychoactive substance among young people?

When can the use of psychoactive chemicals be objectively labeled drug abuse?

Why have noncompulsive users of illegal substances received little research attention?

What determines if drug use will be defined as drug abuse?

What are the three categories connecting drug use and crime?

What can explain the relatively high rate of drug misuse among physicians?

What has research found with respect to the sequence of drug use and crime?

What is the connection between alcohol and violent crime?

What are the two indicators upon which information on drug use in the United States is based?

What are the two major limitations of MTF?

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