You are the communications center manager of a rural 911 center. As a member of the local emergency management agency disaster planning committee, you have been tasked with developing a standardized memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will be used for all of the agencies in the area that are part of the community’s emergency response plan. This document is required to allow the local agencies to request funding and reimbursement in the event of a declared disaster. All the committee members agree that the document should be brief, no more than three pages, and have clear language defining the scope of work and expectations.
Before beginning, you research websites and government resources available online to assist you in developing the document. You identify a document available on the Department of Homeland Security website that specifically contains guidance on how to develop an MOU (See Suggested Unit Resources).
Using best practices as identified during your research, you will develop a MOU document that can be shared with all your community agencies. It should contain the following sections:

user requirements,
compliance, and

Each section should have an accompanying narrative paragraph so that, ideally, the individual agencies can simply add their information and use the document without making significant changes. Your document should be a minimum of three pages in length. All sources should be referenced in APA format at the end of the document.