Atopic Dermatitis Literature Review

You need to find the article below and answer the following question below:

Atopic Dermatitis Literature Review Article
Tollefson,M. M., Bruckner, A. L., & Section On Dermatology (2014). Atopic dermatitis:Skin-directed management. Pediatrics, 134(6), e1735e1744.
Literature ReviewAssignment
1.    Whatthree practice concepts or application points have you learned from thisarticle that you can apply to your future clinical practice? Try and think ofan applicable situation for where you want to practice.
2.    What arethe four main components of skin directed therapies to management of atopicdermatitis?
3.    Woulddiagnostic testing be beneficial for a patient with atopic dermatitis? If so,what tests would you get and why? If you decided not order any diagnostictesting explain why. 
4.    Discussone pharmacologic or non-pharmacologic intervention discussed in this articlethat interested you. Direct your discussion to the use of this intervention andits possible side effects, possible incorrect uses, and proper education aboutthis intervention.
5.    How didyou access the article referenced in this literature review? For example,PubMed, Google, CINAHL Complete.