Autism Male vs. Femal

Put together a literature review on the topic of the differences in autism in male and females. The literature review is double spaced and in research paper format. Proper citations areessential.


  1. Is the title specific and informative? 10 points
  2. Is the abstract concise yet state the scope of the paper? Can it stand alone and make

sense? 20 points

  1. Does the Introduction state the overall scientific issue and the paper’s central

question? 10 points

  1. Does the content of the body interpret the literature rather than just summarize it?

30 points

  1. Does your Conclusion do more than summarize what you have already said? 30


  1. Does it have an Acknowledgements section? 10 points
  2. Is the References section set up using the APA citation format? 10 points
  3. Is the paper edited to eliminate grammar and punctuation errors and wordiness? 30


  1. Is the writing appropriate for the broader audience of a literature review? 30 points
  2. Does it meet the length, formatting, number-of-references (10-15) requirements? 20


TOTAL: 200 points