Basically a revision 1. Remember, a poem’s form and structure go hand in hand with its content/meaning – make sure to use terms from this poetry terminology list (or other poetic terminology that you

Basically a revision 

1. Remember, a poem’s form and structure go hand in hand with its content/meaning – make sure to use terms from this poetry terminology list (or other poetic terminology that you may be familiar with) in your paper:2. Include poet’s name/title of poem immediately in paper

3. State whom you interviewed, and where and when the interviews took place in your introduction4. 

Thesis: What is your major “takeaway” from the poem, after reading and studying the poem/conversations with your interviewees? Aim to write a thesis that will focus your paper by informing the reader of the main idea that the poem left you with.

5. Use quotation/paraphrase sandwiches – make especially sure to quote from the poem throughout your paper, followed by an in-text citation with the line number of the quote in parentheses. Example: “I have eaten the grapes/ On the table” (line 3). NOTE: use a forward slash and a space to indicate a line break. A double forward slash and a space (example: // ) indicates a stanza break.

 6. Include MLA-style in-text citations and a Works Citedpage.