Biology Homework Assignment

Answer the following questions to demonstrate your understanding of the topics discussed in unit 1. 

Timeline – The readings in this unit describe many important historical advances.  Develop a timeline in which you predict 10 of the most important advances that may occur in science during the next century. Don’t forget to add dates to your timeline! (20 pts: 2 pts/advance)
Characteristics of life – Give an example of a living organism and how this organism meets at least six characteristics of life. You must be very specific for your organism in your descriptions to demonstrate your understanding of the characteristics of life. For example, you cannot just say “a dog obtains energy by eating.” You need to explain what kinds of food a dog eats, what type of consumer it is, etc. (30 pts: 12 pts – naming characteristics of life, 18 pts specific descriptions)
Macromolecules – The four main groups of macromolecules are important to our bodies for various reasons. Explain the functions of each of these groups of compounds in your body.  (25 pts: 5 pts – naming macromolecules, 20 pts – explaining functions)
Human impact – There have been major developmental milestones in Earths history as well as mass extinction events. Do a little research on an organism that has gone extinct because of human impact. Answer the following questions: 

What is the organism? (5 pts)
Where was it found? (5 pts)
What caused it to become extinct? (10 pts)