Lab 5: Bioremediation

Since the prescribed lab for this week requires in person
activities on campus, we will again divert to a similar activity that can be
done at home.  I’ve included some links
to bioremediation telling some general information of what it is and how
affective it is in restoring ecosystems. 
Feel free to use any other sources you would like, this is just a
starting place.

After you have familiarized yourself with this growing field
of interest, find a man caused pollution event (that may be ongoing) within the
last 20 years either on land or water where bioremediation was used to restore
that environment.  Tell me what happened,
what was done and species used (might have required numerous species to
complete metabolic breakdown of harmful substances), how long these processes
took, what was the end product(s), general info on their metabolism, where any
additives used to increase metabolism of the pollutants, where there any
problems or issues to consider along the process that may have had negative
effects, and your thoughts on these processes in future applications.  This project will be due on February 25th at
11:30 pm in the dropbox.