Blue Apron

This activity focuses on Blue Apron.
“Blue Apron’s vision is “better living through better food.” Launched in 2012, Blue
Apron offers fresh, chef-designed recipes that empower home cooks to embrace their
culinary curiosity and challenge their abilities to see what a difference cooking quality
food can make in their lives. Through its mission to spark discovery, connection and joy
through cooking, Blue Apron continuously focuses on bringing incredible recipes to its
customers, while minimizing its carbon footprint, reducing food waste, and promoting
diversity and inclusion.” (Source: Blue Apron)
Related URLs:
1. Blue Apron Website
2. Blue Apron Investor Relations (SEC filings)
3. Fortune Article on Meal-Kit Delivery Industry
4. Article on In-store Meal-Kit Offerings
5. HelloFresh Investor Relations
In addition to the above URLs, you must conduct additional research to develop a deeper
understanding of the meal-kit products and the overall industry. Use additional research
to support your answers for each of the questions listed below.
Q.1. (a) List and explain in detail 3 strengths/competitive advantages and 3 weaknesses
for Blue Apron. Use research to support your answer. (20 points)
(b) Are any of Blue Apron’s competitive advantages sustainable? If so, under what set of
conditions and over what period of time (e.g., 1-3 years, 3-5 years, over 5 years). Justify
your answer. (10 points)
Hint: Strengths and weaknesses are internal to the organization and are relative to others
in the marketplace.
Answer Format: Use headings and sub-headings for each part. For instance, the main
heading could be Strengths, followed by a sub-heading for each strength, followed by an
Q.2. (a) Analyze the impact of following macro-environment forces on the meal-kit
industry over the next 12-24 months. Use research to support your answer (50 points)
a) social/cultural
b) competition
c) economic
d) technology
e) political/legal
This information is proprietary. Scanning, copying, website posting, or reproducing and
sharing in any form is strictly prohibited.
(b) Will the impact be positive, negative, or neutral on Blue Apron and why? (10 points)
Answer Format (part a): Use headings to separate your answer for each of the abovelisted factors. Each heading should be followed by an explanation.
For part (b), use a table/matrix which lists the factor, identifies the impact, and offers a
brief rationale for the rating.
Q.3. (a) Identify and explain 5 key evaluation criteria a consumer is likely to use when
deciding which outlet/seller to purchase the meal-kit from? Use research to support your
answer. (15 points)
(b) How does Blue Apron rank on each of these criteria, and why? (Excellent, Good,
Fair, Poor)? (5 points)
(c) Identify and briefly explain three evaluation criteria that grocery stores should use
when deciding to partner with independent meal-kit companies (e.g., Blue Apron, chainrestaurants, etc.) (15 points)
Answer Format: Use headings to separate your answer for each part of the question. For
part (a), list each criterion using a heading followed by an explanation of why that
criterion is likely to be important to the consumer.
For part (b), develop a table/matrix which lists the criteria, your rating, and a brief
explanation of the rationale behind the rating.
Q.4. Which of the following strategy/strategies would you recommend that Blue Apron
undertake over the next 12-24 months and how should the strategy be carried out?
Explain your answer. List any assumptions and risks which you considered in developing
your recommendation. (25 points)
Porter’s Generic Strategies
▪ Overall Cost Leadership
▪ Differentiation
▪ Focus
Answer Format: Use a heading to identify the strategy followed by an explanation of the
rationale behind selecting that strategy. Next, explain strategy implementation followed
by a discussion of assumptions/risks.