Book Review on Race/Ethnicity Health

Read a book about the contemporary lived experiences of person or group in the U.S. representing a racial or ethnic different from those that you self-identify with. The book chosen was Killers of the Flower Moon
For your assignment (Use full sentences, submission should be between 3 and 4 double spaced pages): 
1. Provide the complete book citation in APA style. 
2. Provide a thorough book review, including:
     a) a concise but thorough summary (~1 page) and
     b) a critical review of the book (~1-2 pages). Make sure to reflect on what you learned about the lived experiences of a racial/ethnic group (or at least one member of a racial/ethnic group) that may be different from your own experiences.
3. Pick one health outcome that could be relevant to the people/person you read about. How does race and/or ethnicity influence risk and protective factors related to that health outcome?  (~.5-1 page)