Brain Science and Study Skills

One of the key concepts in this chapter is that we use all the senses to learn, a process called multi-sensory integration.  Of all the     senses, visualization is the most powerful. 

Think about how you can use multiple senses (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, gustatory, olfactory) to be successful in challenging material in your present courses or think about one of the scenarios below and apply this concept to being successful in one of these situations.  Your post should be at least 100 words.  

You can also comment on one of these scenarios.  

  1. You just read the assigned chapter in economics and cannot remember what you read. It went in one ear and out the other. 
  2. In your anatomy and physiology class, you are required to remember the scientific name for 100 different muscles in the body.
  3. You signed up for a philosophy class because it meets general education requirements. You are not interested in the class at all.
  4. You have a mid-term in your literature class and have to read 400 pages in one month.
  5. You must take American history to graduate from SDSU. You think that history is boring.
  6. You have been introduced to an important business contact and would like to remember his/her name.
  7. You are enrolled in an algebra class. You continually remind yourself that you have never been good at math. You dont think that you will pass this class.
  8. You are taking a math course that you need for graduation and dont understand some of the math problems. You are worried that you may not pass this course.