Brainstorm your topic

Brainstorm Your Topic

Here are six different categories of topics for an informative speech.

To help you get ideas, write 2 ideas for each type of topic. 

1. Object topics what objects do you use or know about? How are they designed? How do they function? What do they mean to you and our culture? Hint: the eye-lash curler, the stamp album used by stamp collectors, robotic arms for injured veterans.

2. People who fascinates you? Who do you want others to know about? What can you share about historic leaders that will amaze us? Hint: Rodriquez was a Detroit ballad singer whose songs inspired the end of apartheid in South America. Do you have a favorite new member of the US House of Representatives?

3. Events something that happened in history or last week that is significant. Hint: concerts, plays, arts festivals, athletic competitions. Natural phenomena such as storms, eclipses and earthquakes. Inform us what happened.

4. Concepts abstract and difficult ideas or theories. Hint: business, sociology, psychology, religion politics, art or any major area of study. What big ideas frame major collections of knowledge?

5. Process how-it-functions and how-to-do it. How do things work? Hint: Bitcoin how to buy and use it instead of money. Driverless cars. How does China communicate with its lander on the dark side of the moon?

6. Issues Can you be completely informative about an important current topic without veering into persuasion? What are the facts on immigration and the economy? What kind of satellite evidence will let us track climate change? Try looking at Chelsea House for ideas

(Adapted from OHair, Stewart, and Rubenstein, 2007 List From: [Author removed at request of original publisher]. Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking. iBooks.)

To Respond: 

write your answers for each of the six types of informative speeches. Your responses should look something like this:

1. Objects 1 The round hay baler. Some people don’t know that the round hay baler was invented by an Iowa State professor, Dr. Wesley F. Buchele. I could tell about Dr. Buchele’s life, why he invented the round baler, when round bales are better, and what problems that baler solved.  

Object 2 The Gutenberg press. As a journalism major and a reader, I find the Gutenberg press pretty fascinating. I could tell people why the invention was so important and some of the impact it had on the world at the time.

Then continue for each of the other 5 types of topics.