“Breakfast at The Paramount”

Please see attached the PDF needed to complete the assignment*****

You must have read the case study “Breakfast at The Paramount” before completing this assignment.
Breakfast at the Paramount (part 2)

After reading the case Breakfast at the Paramount, you are being asked to:
What is going to happen to The Paramount’s system if carryout orders are increased? (1-2 paragraphs maximum)Assume that you have customers of carry-out orders (being served but not in line).  What happens to the service rate?  Use the 8 am- 9 am time slot to run your analysis.  What is the average number of customers waiting for service?  What happens when you consider the number of customer waiting outside before The Paramount opens?What would happen if the arrival rate of customers is greater than or equal to the service rate?

Deliverable:Provide your answers in a 2- to 4-page response, including your calculations, diagrams, and critical analysis.