Brief Report 1, due Sunday 9/19 by 11:59p

I am hoping you will push yourselves to find or share unique lesser-known organizations rather than leaning on commonly known organizations. Toward the end of the term, I will share a spreadsheet of all the services you discovered as a resource for yourselves, friends, and loved ones who are expecting or recently had a baby.
All submissions should be in 10-12 point font and please use arial or times font (some fontsmight seem pretty or cool but they arent fun to read). Please use the example format for your submission. The text editor on BB is not the best so please try to upload your submission as a pdf or docx file.

Organization 1 Name: First 5 California Website: Description:
Brief Report 1
First 5 California program focuses on direct interactions with state and local officials. Their
overarching goal is to improve the environment of children from the prenatal period to 5 years and reduce
childhood poverty. Their work in conjunction with the community branches covers everything from budget
and policy advocacy to classes for new parents.
In 1998, California passed Proposition 10, the Children and Families Act of 1998 initiative. The act
charges a tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products to provide funding for early childhood
development programs. A portion of this money was assigned to First 5 California to support statewide
programs, research, and media campaigns. Additional funding comes from outside corporations and
private donations.
In California, there are agencies located in different communities among 58 counties. When children take
classes there, their parents have to be there at the same time. It is not like childcare centers who take
care of the child for parents. For parenting classes, staff will sometimes assist with care if they need. Also,
it provides supplies and resources for families. During COVID-19, it provides online group classes for
parents to sign up. The First 5 website lists many activities and resources for children and parents.
Everyone can join them and there is no income required to gain access to their services
 I chose this organization because I like that they have both ground-up and top-down approaches to
 tackling this issue. They advocate at the state and national level to influence policy but they also have
 numerous community branches working on issues specific to that locale.
Organization 2 Name: Example 2 here

(this should be the website of your org) Description: Blah Blah Blah describe organization in my own words Blah
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I chose this organization because Blah Blah.