Buddhism Discussion Post

-Please reference the screenshots attached from the textbook and use some as citations. The textbook is From East to West: A Comparative Study of the World’s Great Religions Second Edition

this discussion forum, you will discuss the life of the Buddha, the
part of his story that resonated the most with you, and lessons from
Buddhism that could be applied to today’s society. Refer to the
materials covered this week and specific page numbers within your
textbook when necessary. 

1. Your initial entry:

  • First,
    identify one part of the story of the life of the Buddha or from
    Buddhist beliefs or practices that you found most compelling. Explain
    why this portion of Buddha’s life or the ideology of Buddhism resonated
    with you. 
  • Then,
    describe how elements of the Buddha’s life or practices could be
    applied to modern situations or environments. To help you answer this
    portion of the prompt, consider the following sub-questions: 

    • What lesson or bit of knowledge can you take with you and apply to your own life?
    • In what specific situation(s) would you apply it, and how could it be applied? 

You are not being asked to practice Buddhism or become a Buddhist, per
se, but to consider what bits of these practices and teachings you can
take with you in your “toolkit” for interacting with others and the
world around you. Again, it is human nature to constantly learn from
whatever we study, so the purpose of this discussion is to get you to
consider what bits of this week’s studies you can take with you on your
own journey through life.)