Complete the experiment onesheet (see attached with instructions) for one specific goal with your business. This can be used for any goal you have, such as beginning to prototype, customer segmentation, scenarios, etc. You can print out the onesheet and complete by hand, then scan, and upload that onesheet. Then, respond to the following questions in a paper:

How did this approach of experimentation help you accomplish your goals versus what you were doing before?
How does this approach change/affect your mindset about what’s possible and what you can improve in your life?
What were your biggest lessons learned in your experiments?
Did you make assumptions that were incorrect?
How does making the wrong assumptions and finding them through experiments help you get to your goal faster?

Minimum 2 pages of content
Minimum 1 onesheet
Minimum 2 sources
APA format 
My business is an all natural skin care company uploading the one sheet file to be filled in will pay extra 10$