Business Proposal Presentation/Business and Management

One of the most significant challenges in healthcare settings is shortage. Shortages in healthcare organizations include shortage of staff and nurses, shortage of rooms, shortage/ lack of proper training, and errors by staff, all of which account for incompetency among nurse practitioners. This challenge presents the need for a solution, the primary of which is addition of nurses to improve patient care. Following the significant shortage of staff, there are many instances where patients get discharged without receiving any/ proper care. Increasing the number of staff ensures that nurses deliver patient care with no additional input in terms of working hours per nurse. Therefore, increasing the number of nurses ensures speedy and quality service delivery, while also ensuring that medical service personnel are not overworked. Secondly, mitigating the employee shortage also provides freedom for the team to cover all duties efficiently. This way, increasing the employee population in the healthcare environment ensures that different chores have a professional responsible for them. Therefore, critical responsibilities such as regular medical hygiene are efficiently conducted on a regular basis. Proper hygiene practices indicate additional and underlying factors such as management responsibility.


Determine the key stakeholders that will make up the audience for this presentation. Focus on identifying decision makers that will have the power and resources to approve the implementation of the solution. These are typically your supervisors and key organization personnel.

Construct a 800 word presentation that addresses the following.


  1. Problem and related research
  2. Proposed solution and related research
  3. Details for implementing the solution
  4. Details for evaluating the effectiveness of the solution