Business Report – Fortune 500 – KIMBERLY CLARK

For this assignment, you will submit your individual business report on your selected Fortune 500 company. In your individual business report, you are required to use the REQUIRED Business Report Template provided by your instructor. 
You need to save your REQUIRED Business Report Template to your computer, complete it, and submit it electronically. To use your REQUIRED Business Report Template (RTF file), you need to click on the Enable Editing button first. This button is located in the yellow message bar at the top of the page. Please do not deviate from your Template; do not change its general content and/or formatting.
Listed below are the guidelines and requirements for the assignment:

Length:   approx. 7 pages
Structure:   Title Page, Introduction, Findings, Summary and Conclusions, and Reference Page
Format:   REQUIRED Business Report Template provided by your instructorTo help you create the Reference Page in APA format, use KnightCite. 
Graphic:   one graphic incorporated into the Findings section of the report.
Writing Style:   formal writing style.