Campaigns and elections; Congress

Chapter 8- Assignment 1
As detailed in the Constitution, what are the requirements to run for President, Vice President, Senator, House of Representatives. 
Who usually runs for these positions? What professions do these candidates usually have in their background? What percentage of women and various racial/ethnic backgrounds are represented in Congress currently? 
Discuss the PAC and SUPER-PAC. What is a political action committee and a super political action committee? What are the similarities and differences? 
Should we know the names of groups or individuals who donate large sums of money to political campaigns? Should they have the right to privacy? Does the public have the right to know who supports a political candidate who is also a public servant? 
Week 9 
Chapter 9 Assignment 2–
Describe five perks and privileges that members of Congress have. Give details. Make sure to include salary. 
What is bicameralism? How is that represented in the United States Congress ? What is the major function of Congress? How do they serve as a check on the Judicial and Executive branches of government?