Can hip-hop be viewed as a global-learning-experience? If so, how/why? If not, why not? Is the “commercialization” of hip-hop a positive or negative phenomenon? Is hip-hop, as an art form, separate from the industry of hip hop?

Essay Criteria:

Quality of Writing/Length

Topics need examples and/or thorough explanations; proofed and edited by YOU

Clarity of Subject-(Is It Understandable?)

Intent of Paper-

(Preparation; Integrity; Plagiarized or Not? Inspired thought or Uninspired?)

1. Writing must be focused on chosen topic and based on facts, not personal 


2. The “cut and paste” effect will have a negative impact on the final score of the 


(Abstract your “wiki” research into a unique statement; it’s not that difficult to do; 

and it reinforces the material)

3. Spelling, Run- On sentences, Grammar, Proofing

(Strive for quality of thought and write in complete sentences; run spell check and 

grammar check, take pride in your writing)

Chicago Style formatting is suggested.