Canadian should not privatize healthcare

Information Requirements

Additional Comments

1. Title page

Provide the following information on your title page: assignment type, essay title, your full name, your student number, and the course number, course section, program, date, location and the name of course instructor. Give your paper a title that reflects the topic and your thesis.

2. Thesis statement. What is your purpose?

A thesis is a statement of claim. It also makes it clear to the reader what your purpose is. One or two sentences that tell the reader what you want to argue.

3. A draft introduction that contains historical background and facts (approximately one full paragraph)

As preparation for the first draft of your introduction, look up the historical background of your topic to help the reader understand the context of your argument.    Why is this an issue in 2021? Your introduction should answer two questions: 1. What is my purpose? 2. Why should the reader/listener care about my topic?  Avoid using the word “I”.

4. What is the plan? List of issues or questions (approximately one paragraph)

Explain briefly how you plan to discuss your thesis.   Identify aspects of your argument or list at three (3) questions your essay will address.

5. Facts X 3 – Do you understand what a fact is?

List of three (3) facts that will be used in your essay.  Definition of fact: “a thing that is known to have occurred, to exist or to be true.” Canadian Oxford Dictionary

6. Definitions matter! Cite the source of the definition.

Define three (3) key terms. Remember, when you are discussing your topic, the key terms and definitions should relate directly to your topic.
Cite the source (reference) for each definition. Use APA format.

7. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and publications.
What makes them an expert?

Provide a list of at least three (3) subject matter experts (SMEs) — a person or an institution that is recognized as an objective and reliable source of information and/or opinion on your and a brief explanation of the education, work experience topic. May include: newspaper columnists, university professors, NGOs, and/or research agencies. Provide their backgrounds ( a 1-2 sentences biography or description). N.B. Wikipedia is not an SME!

8. Bibliography – list your sources

Provide a list of seven (7) references. Use the APA documentation format to list your sources (books, articles, documentaries, etc.) No need to include the annotation.