Candide (Voltaire)

choose one of the topics below and discuss it in Candide as the story pertains to the topic you choose. You may also choose another topic that you think is important to or interesting about Candide. Please do NOT use any secondary or outside sources, as this essay is your analysis of the topic only.
Topics include: Education Self-defense Religion Women vs. Men Government Moral issues Societal issues Prejudice
Your essay needs to adhere to the following:
 Four to six FULL pages. This does not mean 3 and 1⁄2 pages. Points will be deducted for not meeting the page requirement.
 Support in the form of direct quotes, with parenthetical citations. Each body paragraph should have support.
 MLA organization, including heading, pagination, and parenthetical source citation. You must include a Works Cited page, which will have Candide listed on it. You need to review how to cite and list a work from an anthology. You need an introduction, organized body paragraphs with topic sentences,
and conclusion. Make sure to introduce title and author in the
intro and then reintroduce in the conclusion.
 Clear and well-articulated thesis statement stating the topic and your stance on the topic.
 Formatted according to instructions on Paper Format handout.
 Do NOT use “I” or “you” in any of your essays for this class.
 Use present verb tense when discussing literature. Example:
“When Candide goes to Lisbon…” rather than “When Candide went to Lisbon…”