Caring for the Nguyens

Caring for the Nguyens

Review the opening scenario of Nam Nguyen in the front of this book. Imagine you are the clinic nurse at the Family Medicine Center. Based on the information presented in the scenario, work through the following questions:

What type of assessment, comprehensive or focused, is being performed at this clinic visit? Explain your thinking.

Identify the types of data (e.g., subjective/objective, primary/secondary) that have been gathered so far. Give an example of each type.

How might you verify data that Mr. Nguyen provided on the intake sheet?

Based on what you know about Mr. Nguyen, what follow-up assessments would provide useful data to help with the care of Mr. Nguyen? Why would you make these assessments?

Please use provided files to complete assignment and follow Rubric for grade reference

Also two refences need to be peer review on on or more of Mr. Nguyens health issues