Case of the Rewired Supply Chain

26Jan 2022 by

CASE QUESTIONS: For this initial meeting with the Directors, you are to prepare a short summary of your recommendations, including the following:

A synopsis of the inventory and supply chain management problem(s) as you perceive them to be.
Using the facts of the case, as well as theories and best practices that you have learned in the PROC 5820, Operations Management course, prepare a short description as to what you intend to do to address each of the 5 goals in the attached case.
Explain how you would identify and use measures of effectiveness (identify appropriate metrics) to assess progress in resolving these issues.

When submitting your recommendations (on the three items listed above), please use the attached template for your response to this case study. You may use two (2) typewritten pages, double-spaced for each recommendation. If you require more than two pages, each recommendation should not exceed three (3) pages in total. You can use other material (e.g., Internet sites, textbooks, or outside readings) that will support your recommendations. Please submit your responses in MS Word.