Case Scenario for Analysis: Organizational Ethics (Business Psychology)

3 sources required will include:

One reference to the bible (Scripture or verse)–> relation to what you are talking about in the scenario to drive home your point

One reference to the textbook –> chapter 3 & 4 from Johnson (organizational ethics)–> ebook attached below

Johnson, C. E. (2019). Organizational ethics: A practical approach (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. ISBN: 9781506361758.

One reference from a scholarly journal article (published within the past5 years)

You will respond to the below questions for the assignment, including addressing what biblical principles could potentially be considered in thecases. Responses must be support by 3 references (listed above, textbook, biblical reference and journal article)–> instructions also attached. 

Questions to be answered for assignment: This assignment covers Chapter 3 &4, but the case scenario you will find in Chapter 3, case study 3.2, pages 152-155–> the attached instructions will say pages 89 but I have an older edition so the case studies (you chose only one) starts on page 152.

Select only 1 of the Scenarios for Analysis from Case Study 3.2 on pages 152-155 of the Johnson text.

 Using 1 of the decision-making formats that are presented in the text and/or other reading and study materials, analyze your scenario of choice. Make sure to address the following questions:
1.     Did following a system help you come to a better conclusion? Why or why not?
2.     What are the strengths and weaknesses of the format you selected?
3.     Would the format you selected be a useful tool for solving the ethical problems you face at school and work?
4.     What role might a Christian worldview play in the decision-making process for the scenario of your choice?

Thank you!