Case Study #2

You will then write a 3-5 page, double spaced, 12 pt. font paper that includes in-text citation and bibliography examining and evaluating a democracy (or you may select a nation with a mid-lower score from the democracy index to evaluate). The paper should cover and include the following:

State the Nation whose democracy you’re examining [provide a 3-4 sentence introduction]
Type of Democracy [identify and define it–hint: use an academic source]
Evaluate the Democracy using Dahl’s 4 Criteria [you’ll expand on these in the context of the nation you selected for the case study]

universal suffrage [discuss voting rights and access]
recurring free, competitive, fair elections [give an overview of the process]
more than one political party [discuss the political parties and their ideologies, policy agendas, voting patterns, etc.]
alternative & different sources of information [discuss the media outlets, access, and diversity of media]

Conclusion [give us some insight into the nation and your evaluation of their democracy–you can share your thoughts]

This is not an extensive research or analysis paper. It is meant to help you start building up your research skills and your ability to write in a compelling, comprehensive way. You’ll do some basic research and compile it in your paper (the analysis is the research process, the synthesis is the writing process).