Case Study 2-w8


Written Assignment Cases must be completed in the following format:

Carefully READ the entire CASE first, and review again the chapter(s) pertaining to the case(s).  Take time to critically think about all of the aspects of the case(s).


Write a brief Overview/Summary of the case in your own wordsdescribing the nature and/or background information pertaining to the case. (Minimum 1/2 page)


Read assigned case, and respond to each Problem-Solving PerspectiveQuestion.  Make sure you write the question number first before answering the question. 

In your opinion, what were some Critical Aspects in the case that were identified?  What were some Critical Aspects that you perceived to be very vital? (Minimum 1/2 page) 

How were you able to make those Assessments of selecting the critical aspects or components for the case author/writer and for yourself? (Minimum 1/2 page) 

Identify and/or list some of the Outcomes, Solutions and/or Resolutions you extrapolated from the case. (Minimum 1/2 page)


Write a Reflection on what leadership principle you learned from case. (Minimum 1/2 page)