case study.

This paper should be 3-4 pages long and you must use 2 sources that are NOT any of the readings that I have assigned. Please do not simply copy my notes from class and repeat them back to me. Also the paper should be 12pt font and double-spaced.

Paper Content:

1. Based on the person’s symptoms, please state which disorder that you think the person has. Thoroughly, explain that disorder as if I have no idea what it is BEFORE you begin talking about the person from the case study.

2. Please discuss the symptoms that the person displays that make you believe that your diagnosis is correct based on the sources that you are using.

3. Lastly, please discuss how you might treat this person’s disorder based on your sources. Don’t skimp on the treatment section! Make sure that it’s thorough.

4. Make sure that you have a reference page.

NOTE: In the body of your paper, any information that you talk about that did not come directly from your own head should have a citation at the end of that sentence. This is not only used for direct quotes, it is used for any piece of information that did not come from your head so that the reader knows where the information came from.

Please be sure not to copy any internet sites directly!!! List your outside sources that you use for your information at the end of your paper. If you use an internet site, then I want the link.