Case study in Anthropology.

ESSAY: Best Practices _ Your paper should use an APA essay format. It should contain: Abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion. _ Thesis statement (statement of purpose/intent), must indicate the topics to be covered) _ Reference Page (minimum of three scholarly references). Directions: Choose two best practices you would use to address diversity. Then write an essay that includes the following: _ Introduction to stereotypes i.e. definition, description/summary _ Describe one culture that would be challenging for you to work with and why i.e. (teenagers, different ethnicity, religion, etc). _ What stereotypes are affiliated with this culture _ Name two practices you would incorporate in order to work with this population more effectively. _ Conclusion Writer, just in case that help. I am Latino. My religious background is the Catholicism, but Im consider myself as a spiritual person rather than religious. It would be difficult for me to work with people from the Middle East because they have a culture very different from mine (politics, religion, etc.). Because I am not very familiar with this culture, I would be very afraid of working with this population and doing something wrong that would offend them or di srespect their culture.

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