Case Study on Team Interventions

23Jan 2022 by

Assess the goals, values, and norms of the team in the case study attached on Mayo Clinic that is attached here. Rewrite the essay to make it sound better and be more concise. Provide examples of what Mayo Clinic did to improve team effectiveness. Remove anything that sounds repetitive such as the word “They” which can be seen too often in the essay.  Make recommendations for ways to better implement or improve them; understanding the purpose is to add clarity for team members on what they should be working towards (goals), how they should behave with one another (norms), and why (values).   
Explain why having clear goals, values, norms are important to the success of a team, giving examples to illustrate your points.
Provide the reader with context by providing the name of the organization and the team and explaining why they exist. Provide examples and explain your thinking throughout the paper.
lastly, label the topic that you are discussing. For an example, the paragraphs that you go into Values, label it values, when you go into norms, label it as such,  and use roman normals  

Use class resources attached here and those you find in your own research to support your reasoning.The sources have to be peer reviewed and based on practices that are developed in the US only. The paper that you are rewriting is MMPortfolio Assignment.