Revised Project Proposal

Overview This is the second of three assignments that, as a whole, will cover all aspects of the project life cycle relevant to your selected project. Assume that your project sponsor has reviewed the project proposal and has asked that you make some changes to […]

Question for Zeek Only

Complete the following steps: Open the following training dataset ( link ) in your Excel spreadsheet program and try to understand the attributes (dependent & independent variables). Open the following testing dataset ( link ) in your Excel spreadsheet program and try to understand the attributes (dependent & independent variables). Import both of them into […]

Ethics and Professionalism Project Assignment

Hide Assignment InformationTurnitin®This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.Instructions Ethics and Professionalism Project Assignment You are to perform research on the subject of ethics and professionalism in accounting and auditing.  Write a one to two-page single-spaced paper that discusses the impact that regulations, accounting, and auditing standards […]


Select any one of the following starter bullet point sections. Review the important themes within the sub questions of each bullet point. The sub questions are designed to get you thinking about some of the important issues. Your response should provide a succinct synthesis of […]


Using the same company and annual reports that you chose for your Week 1 – Discussion Forum, Reading and Using the Annual Report Case Study, Calculate the current ratio and quick ratio for the latest two years, obtain the industry average ratios from the IBISWorld database, […]

discussion candle business

Briefly remind us about your hypothetical business (the one you have created for your four assignments) and your target audience. Describe the message that you will consistently communicate to this target audience. How will you creatively deliver the message? Will you have a celebrity spokesperson, […]

Wk 8 response

My Hypothetical Business is a Pet Sitting Business that will be located in Durham, North Carolina mainly in the city area that is a central locations from the closest suburbs of Chapel Hill, and Raleigh North Carolina.   My focus audience will be single white females […]