ch. 6 discussion

Students read Ch. 6 in the Potter textbook.  Respond in a FULL one page or 250-word minimum response to the prompt below. I then in turn want every student to respond to at least one other person’s response.  When responding comment scholarly on to what the other student posted just like the week before.  If you, didn’t receive full points for the last posts make sure you meet the criteria of a full one page or 250 words.  Also make sure to comment on at least one other student post. 



After reading about the economics of mass media how much money do you each individually spend on media per month, then year?  I want you to calculate everything you spend money on that pertains to media cell phones, cell phone bill, internet bill, cable/satellite, subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, video games, netflix, hulu +, money spent going to the movies.  Anything you spend money on mass media wise calculate it.  Then respond with your figures expressing the total you contribute yearly.  The point being the prices for these things have gone up substantially over the last 10 years.  Then respond with do you feel we as a culture spend too much on media?