chapter 1-2 Vignette: The Disclosure/Sexual Attraction

Watchthe scenario and write a 2-page, single spaced paper answering thesequestions(add references on p. 3)(3/4 references provided):
(1)What reactions do you have to how the counselor dealt with the client?
(2)What is the main ethical issue that this role-play illustrates?
(3)If you disagree with the way he counselorhandled this situation, what do you think the counselor should have doneinstead?
(4) What would you doin thissituation, and why?
(5) Cite and explain the relevantcodes of ethics in the ACA and AMHCA codes that you would use to guide you inthis ethical dilemma.
When writing this and other originalwork, make sure to clearly answer all questions to obtain full credit. You mustinclude these questions with your answer (use the questions as headings to youranswers -points will be deducted if you do not do this). Moreover, you arerequired to cite your work using the Corey book and the codes of ethics tosupport and substantiate your responses. Citing does not mean to referencethese 2 sources at the end of the write-up. Citing work means using the exactpage number (from the book, where the information came from or the exact ethicalcode) at least once in every answer. Points will be deducted (.5 points) fornot citing your work. This applies to these and all following drop-boxassignments and discussion posts. You are welcome to use additional sourcesother than Corey and the codes of ethics, such as professional articles, addition to (but not instead of) Corey and the codes of ethics. Do not usewebsites or brochures as references. Examples of in-text citations are: (Corey,2019, p.53) and (ACA, 2014, A.b.3)