character analysis for story

Analyze one (or more) of the principal characters in a story we have read so far (Modules 1-5). The purpose of a character analysis is to determine the character’s outstanding traits in order to understand the story as a whole. Consider the literary terms on pages 854-857 (Characterization) carefully.

You may, if you so desire, expand on any of the posts you’ve made in the Discussion Boards.

This paper should conform to MLA citation and manuscipt standards. Check the Research Hub for specifics.

No matter the focus, your purpose is to prove a thesis (an argument)—the point you want to make about your character and story as a whole.

Source Use: Your paper should demonstrate a close examination of ONE primary source (quotes from the story and the Characterization reading) and TWO sources found via the Research Hub in Blackboard. Sources from the internet (dot coms) are out of bounds for this assignment (as in don’t use them, as they will result in lost points in the overall score). Three (3) total sources.

Finally, your paper should not be a report, a collection of long quotes from your research, or a biographical sketch of the writer. It should be your analysis of a particular aspect of the character, developed and supported by your study of the text and your research. Your words (your argument) should comprise roughly 80% of the paper, with the remaining 20% quoted material (you’ll probably need to use your sources more than once). Use these quotes to supplement your ideas and do your best to tell me why that quote is important. 

Source Citation (how those sources should look in the paper).

Quotes from your text will follow a basic MLA form with a listed page, as in “this is quoted material” (Author Last Name + page #).

Quotes from the research databases (like Ebscohost or GALE) will be a little different. Since these are published online, no page number is required, like so: “this is quoted material” (Author Last Name).

Due Date: This essay is due by SUN (11:59:59 PM), Module 5.  The late penalty for this essay is defined in the syllabus.

Length: 3-4 pages of text, plus a Works Cited page with 3 entries. Works Cited page entries should include citations from the story, the Characterization reading, and two sources research databases. No title pages, please.