Child Development

write an essay (3-5 pages of writing + a reference page) that discusses Temperament, Attachment, and the Role Played by Parents in Infants Social Emotional Development throughout childhood.  PLEASE REFER TO THESE LINKS FOR THE ESSAY.  

  • Benoit, D., & Madigan, S. (2010). .
  • Colin, V. (1991). .
  • Allard, L., & Hunter, A. (2010). .
  • Bretherton, I. (1992). . Developmental Psychology28(5), 759-75. For all written assignments please follow this format to effectively organize and to ensure you have covered all criteria:

    • Begin with an Introduction heading
    • Create a subheading for each criteria from the directions
    • End with a Conclusion heading
    • Add a Reference page.