Choose/discuss your ‘favorite’ actors answer the questions below?

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Be Brief with your submission 1 short paragraph – 2-3 sentences for each question

Pt 1 – Choose/discuss your ‘favorite’ actors. Be Specific Why do you like their performance? How do you Identify with them? How do they illicit a credible performance. How would you consider them ‘consummate’ at their craft?

Pt 2 

 How is Screen Persona used in their roles?reference  Specific films/scenes how does the actor ‘play themselves from role to role?’ Mannerisms, gesture, physicality of the actor
How does the performer Create a Role?reference specific films/sceneshow does the actor Create a Character? Mannerisms, gesture, physicality of the character

Are these two qualities combined in a performance? To what extent? Does one approach to acting predominate over another?