Civil Case Procedures

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Read the simulation below and then answer Parts I and II on Civil Law Procedures.

Plaintiff Jane Lope is suing defendant John Canyon for a traffic collision that occurred on Camelback Rd. and 35th Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona several months ago. There were many witnesses to the collision, including video footage from a traffic camera at the intersection. 

Use Ms. Lope and Mr. Canyons case facts to detail the civil case procedures for this court case. Explain all the steps this case will go through from the case filing until the court rules in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant. You will provide the additional fact details of the incident and the case and how it plays out in court.

Part I: In 200 words, describe all the relevant facts in the case:

Part II: In 700 words, detail the procedures of a civil case from first filing to final ruling: